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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 7, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PST

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the post game. >> name one national politician who was not horrible. >> rand paul. i wrote that before we changed to the rand paul segment. he has been awesome all day. if you haven't watched some of the filibustering, do it today. >> where can people see you next? jay i am doing kavuto and fbn so tune in. >> have some gigs in -- coming up? >> march 22nd i will be in minnesota and april 5th i will be recording an album. >> what is the name of the album? >> "you will die." >> really? >> that's better the last one. terrible title. >> so it is not grandson of the son of the whatever. >> no. but don't put extra stuff in there. just come out.
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hold it. get to tee off at you. give me one damn program he said he had cut. one. big shootout with alan colmes tonight. i say president obama has not put forth any specific budget cuts at all. yet liberal america continues to defend that. we have a follow-up report tonight so buckle up. >> we have very strong laws, stronger than jessica's law. >> you actually don't have strong laws. you are lucky o'reilly wasn't here today, sir. >> bill: what is going on in the state of colorado? it doesn't want to pass jessica's law to protect kids but it does want to legalize marijuana and impose new restrictions on gun ownership. we'll have a follow-up on that. also tonight, dennis miller on dennis rodman, alan colmes, and the obama administration telling the kids they can't come to the white house. >> what are you, nuts?
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get out of here. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. enough, enough. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. lots of folks talking about my shootout with alan colmes last night where i asked him what specific, specific budget cuts president obama has proposed. colmes himmed and hawaiied saying the president promising to cut medicare or something. but the truth is president obama has not put forth any specific federal spending cuts. it's all a bunch of general nonsense and so colmes and i got into it even though i am sorry i said colmes was lying. i should not have used that word. i'm glad the exposition
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occurred. we need to wake up. the president of the united states is not looking out for the country right thought. is he hell-bent on destroying the republican party and he he does not seem to care if the nation collapses as a result. all you need to know is this. when mr. obama took office in 2009, the federal debt was $10.5 trillion. by the end of this year, the debt will be 17 trillion. by the end of the president's term, it could be 20 trillion. the feds print money at a record rate. that means the dollars we already have have r. being devalued. as the markets flooded with currency. artificially. trialing to prop up the american economy. this economic madness. and that's the reason i raised my voice last night to get everybody's attention i think i succeeded.
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liberal america is defending the insanity because they don't want to criticize their standard bearer barack obama. here is more damning evidence. back in 2010 the president's own debt commission simpson bowles urged him to begin significant cuts in federal spending. mr. obama ignored his own commission. last month allen simpson and erskine bowles came back again warning the nation that bankruptcy is looming and proposing new scenarios that would cut the deficit by more than 2 trillion over 10 years. seems reasonable. again, silence from president obama corrections, not silence. more calls for tax hikes. the u.s.a. already has the highest corporate tax in the world. do you think that helps our economy? do you? and this year the feds are projected to get the
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highest amount of income tax revenue in history. and, yet, mr. obama wants more, more money flowing to washington and no spending cuts. again, colmes and his crew continue to defend that. and, yet, there is another problem. because the right wing has demonized barack obama so much, many independent americans are tuning out. they are numb to criticism about the president. there is birth certificate and muslim stuff has actually helped barack obama. because now when there is a legitimate criticism, that he is mismanaging the u.s. economy big time, many people don't even pay attention. they don't even listen. but this spending issue is vital for all of us. and that's why i'm raising my voice. pay attention. and that's the memo, now for the top story sent to reaction from a democrat
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joining us from washington kirsten powers fox news analyst. i understand you visited alan colmes in the hospital today. is he all right? >> i sent him flowers. >> bill: just a joke. okay. where am i going wrong, powers? i'm sure i'm going wrong somewhere. >> i'm just shocked that you are doubling down on these claims that obama not proposed any spending cuts. you can go to the web site and has his fiscal cliff offer that has -- >> bill: wait, since i assume you have gone there since you are touting it. >> i have a copy of it right here. >> bill: tell me what the specific spending cuts the president has proposed. >> as people will know and also you can look at his fiscal year 2013 budget has the exact same thing. you told alan last night that he hasn't made any specific suggestions on medicare completely untrue, $400 billion in cuts to federal healthcare spending laid out very clearly. >> bill: 400 billion you are saying in medicare, right, the president wants. is that what you are saying? >> yes, that's in his budget and on his web site.
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>> bill: wait, powers. i'm ooa simple man you can't go too fast with me. >> i won't argue with that. >> 400 million. >> billion. >> bill: how would that manifest itself? what's going to be cut? >> well, there is different things. they want to applied the medicaid -- with medicaid you can negotiate drug prices, they want to apply that to medicare and get savings in drug prices. they want to raise. >> bill: wait, simple man, simple man. all right? they want to negotiate drug prices with whom? >> with the drug companies. >> bill: with the drug companies. they want to? wait, wait, wait. have they begun doing that? and, if so, which drug companies are they talking with? >> see, this is what you do. you change the discussion. what you said last night was the. >> bill: specific. >> i'm giving you specifics. what you said last night is the president did not propose anything. the president proposed this to the republicans. the republicans circulated this plan. they know about the plan. there was also chained cpi in there i know you are not
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too simple to know about chain cpi. the president has proposed these. >> bill: know hasn't. he has proposed generalities. >> you are 100% wrong. >> bill: you are 100% wrong and we will let the folks decide. let me make my case. >> government web site, white and see very specific right here. broken down the specific cuts. >> bill: powers, you don't have one drug company mentioned. you don't have any numbers. >> oh, come on. >> bill: i'm not going to come on. he is the president of the united states. paul ryan, do you know what paul ryan did today? do you know what paul ryan did today? >> you need to admit you are wrong. you are wrong about this and now you are playing a game because we can't name a drug company? i mean, come on o. >> bill: listen, powers, you say you are going to negotiate with drug companies to bring down spending on drugs and you don't have one company mentioned that you are in negotiations with. >> medicaid. that's the exact same companies they are dealing with medicaid. >> bill: do you know what paul ryan proposed today. >> tell us what deficit
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going to. >> bill: criticized by his own party that the age of people getting entitlements like medicare and social security might be raised. and the affluent level. >> really? that's fascinating. >> bill: those are specifics. >> that's in obama's plan. >> bill: what age exactly. >> let me give you the exact line where it says encourage beneficiaries to seek high value healthcare and ask the most fortunate to pay more. it's called means testing. that's how you start a negotiation. >> bill: this is where you and i will never agree. the word to me specific and you can look it up in the dictionary or on the president's web site. specific means you come in and i you say we would like to raise the age from medicare recipients to 61. and if you are earning more than 250,000 a year, you are not going to get as much as anybody else. we're going to cut you down to this percentage. that's specifics. those are specifics. >> bill,. >> bill: save this amount of money by doing that. >> you are totally moving
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the goal post. what you screamed at alan about last night saying that the president had not made any proposals. >> bill: no. any specific. i used that word 13 times. >> really? >> bill: specific. >> you don't think because the government negotiates with medicaid, with drug companies, you don't think the government kind of knows who the drug companies are? do you think the fact that it's not on the web site. >> bill: why don't we know them? >> i'm sure that somebody at hhs could tell you. but the point is. >> bill: no, no. i want president obama to tell me. >> no. you need to admit you are wrong, bill. you are completely wrong in saying that he has not made proposals. it's in his budget and it's in the fiscal cliff negotiations. and you need to admit you are wrong. >> bill: never reached because you don't understand the word specific. you are taking generalities which are easy to throw out. >> it's not generalities. >> bill: saying see, he wants to cut. he hasn't proposed one. >> you said he hasn't proposed any cuts to medicare. >> bill: no age on it, no number on it, named no company. he has named no federal
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program he wants to cut back. nothing. >> this is ridiculous. >> bill: nothing, zero. all right, powers, look, you were good, you put forth a lively point of view. i put fourth mine in a lively way and we'll let the folks decide and i will stand on what i said. next on the rundown, republican congressman introduces legislation to stop taxpayer money from funding the president's golf outings. that's specific. and, later, dennis miller on colmes fiscal madness and dennis rodman in north korea.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, the white house visitor's office announced this week that due to staffing rereductions resulting from the mandatory budget cuts white house tours will be cancelled effective this coming saturday. yet the "wall street journal" reporting that the department of agriculture will hold two lavish
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conferences one in california and the other in oregon where millions of dollars will be spent. in reaction to that a congressman from texas offered legislation to stop funding president obama's golf outings. that's very specific. louie gohmert joins from us washington. before we get into the golf thing, i know you are a republican and you are coming at it from that point of view. but kirsten powers and alan colmes and the other democrats they believe that it's enough for the president to say oh, i want to cut, i want to do this and i want to do that but never actually do what paul ryan did today, say this is the age, here is the drug company. this is what we would like to get so we can start a specific discussion. and when simpson bottles simpson bowls did that threw out the window. am i crazy here or not? >> i don't know whether you are crazy or not but you are right on this issue. the fact is that even as smart as kirsten is, she brought up something that is not marketable savings when you say we are sure by and by pie in the sky we
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are going to be able to negotiate a better deal when we have seen with the doctors when he has said oh we are going to negotiate better deals with the doctors, they retire they are getting out of the business. there is no savings in getting there. >> bill: she is aassuming president obama will say oh we are going to negotiate with johnson or johnson or glasco and we will save $800 million by doing that and there is no guarantee that they are even going to talk to you and as you pointed out we will bring the doctor's fees down and all the doctors say no you won't because we are out of here and we are not going to accept it. >> this is what is driving me crazy. let's get along to the golf thing. this isn't going any place. you knew it wasn't going to go any place. this is a symbolic thing that you did? >> actually i'm hoping it will go some place. i was hoping they would make the amendment an order last night so we could vote on it today. >> bill: they didn't. >> they didn't so we put a letter to the white house today appealing to the better nature of the president. look, you know, there are thousands of school children that are coming
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up, even the great first lady has talked about this is a house of the people. i did a tour last night as i do every week we're in session take people i finished about 11:00 p.m. it is so important that people get a chance to connect with the government. >> bill: they don't have to stop the white house tours. it costs very little money they have a lot of volunteers. here is my problem with what you did. >> bill, can i give you something solid here. after the' saleh however you pronounce it this white house tripled the number of check points to go. in increased the number of secret service, at least doubled it even though the evidence and there was a hearing, homeland security had. even though the evidence showed the secret service did nothing wrong it was the social secretary that didn't do her job. to give their white house cover they blamed the secret service. now they have to wear uniforms that we're buying
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and not suits they are buying. they could have had enough money to do this. >> bill: no object to president obama here is why i think what you are doing may back fire. it's what i said in the talking points memo. if you small ball president obama the incidents tune out, he is a muslim, birth certificate and this and now you don't want to want him to play golf. it's the bigger issues because i have been relatively fair to barack obama's but now i'm teed off. >> you have been overly fair at times i'm not a partisan because now i'm really angry. i see what the president is doing. he is not trying to solve the fiscal mess, by you diverting attention and saying he he can't play golf, other people who are i want are going to go come on, you are -- that's ridiculous, you see what i'm talking about it could have a backlash to help him? >> it could but i think people will see look, we had a president in bush that so many didn't like, was unpopular, very unpopular at the end, he gave up golf in 2003 because of people being in harm's way.
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he didn't golf for five years just because of the way it looked to people who have lost people in combat. and this president has doubled down 115 or 16 golf outings, i think people are getting it, bill. we don't have to hurt the school children or him give up golf. it's bringing attention to the fact that this president is not willing to give up even a golf outing to let thousands of kids walk in on self-guided tour through the white house. >> bill: we appreciate it thank you so much. brand new bill o' question four. we are asking have conservatives helped barack obama by criticizing him over crazy stuff? yes or no? interesting question. bill o' directly ahead, madness in colorado, they won't protect the kids but they will legalize pot. now they may restrict gun ownership big time. the bible mini series. big hit. what about people who believe adam and eve? should they be taken seriously? those reports after these
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>> fact for follow up seeing many tonight, what's going on in colorado. earlier this week we told you the state is one of six that refuses to it pass jessica's law. speaker of the house mark ferrandino. jesse watters caught up with him. >> you are not protecting the kids in passing jessica's law. why is that? >> no d.a.s. the d.a.'s opposed jessica's law. so have victims rights groups. >> 48 other states have jessica's laws and you guys think you are smarter. is that true? >> no. think we know what's in colorado's best interest. i will go with the people of colorado who are the
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ones in the trench fighting, this prosecuting people who don't support jessica's law and say we have tougher laws than jessica's laws in colorado. thank you. >> you are lucky o'reilly wasn't here today. >> and he is. dan, what's going on out there, really? what is behind the failure to even allow jessica's law to be voted upon? >> bill, i think what's going on is colorado has not turned to the left but the left has become a lot better at winning elections in colorado now the state capitol animal house down there binging and not reflecting the people of this state i think what they did on jessica's law ties right into the overall liberal agenda. many liberal states including massachusetts we had to batter them in the commonwealth they finally got around and did it the guy doing the same thing farn dean know was doing sal and the speaker in massachusetts went to prison a short time after
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we confronted him, not on that issue. but a lot of liberal states it isn't a liberal issue. i'm not understanding why colorado is opposed to it it's propaganda this guy is saying well the da's don't want it and all of this watters cited case after case after case of child rapists getting one and two years in prison. it's crazy. >> i made my name as a prosecutor giving really tough sentences to convicted rapists. i don't have the opposition to jessica's law. did i speak to speaker ferrandino this morning. this was not an organized effort. it has tough laws when it comes to sexual assault on children. >> bill: we know it isn't true. we cited. we could have done it for an hour.
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ferrandino is not telling it the truth. there has got to be pressure on ferrandino not to bring it up for a vote. he won't even let the legislature vote on it that's not democracy. is it the trial lawyers behind him? >> no, it's not the trial lawyers. the d.a.'s council. the g.o.p. was in charge up until this year in the house they didn't pass jessica's law. >> they didn't do it either, absolutely right. >> we have a tough sentencing scheme for sex offenders in colorado. it's not always easy to plug in a law like jessica's law. especially when it's not popular or denies due process. >> bill: 44 states have managed to do it. what do you think it is, dan? very simple, why doesn't ferrandino put it up for a vote? let everybody vote on it? why not? >> bill, great question. i think he is trying to protect some vulnerable democrats. you know, first of all, on the committee it should have been sent to, but you don't put it up to a vote for the same reason they didn't put civil unions back to it a vote of the people who had turned down civil unions.
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because they know the popular will would support jessica's law. it's what these liberals do. they operate behind closed doors as much as they can. >> bill: so you are saying. >> they don't want to answer your question so they don't have good answers. >> bill: didn't want to put it up for a vote because he didn't want to to pass. ferrandino doesn't want it to pass. do either of you know why? >> presence the implication that he is soft on child rapist. >> bill: i don't care what he presents. he he doesn't want it to pass. do you know why, craig? tough laws. add another tough law what's the matter with that? >> well, we have tough laws. it's not always easy to plug these things into your statutory case. >> bill: 44 states have managed to do it. >> i would encourage to you come back to colorado. >> bill: i'm coming in june. >> organized way with the d.a.'s approval. >> bill: i'm coming whether the d.a. approves or not. i'm just showing up. last question, dan, do you have any idea why
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ferrandino doesn't want the law? >> i don't. i would guess it's the special interest precious because the democratic party is owned by special interest. >> bill: all right u special interest means trial lawyers? what does it mean? cattle ranchers? >> not civil trial lawyers but as you know the left has never been big on punishment. >> bill: restorative justice is what they want. all right. we will continue to investigate gentlemen, thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. the bible mini series on the history channel. fundamental christian principles. take look on it dennis rodman, alan colmes and the white house trying to scare everybody. hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> impact segment tonight, the bible mini series produced by mike barnett and actress downie had him in this week brought in record number of viewers for the history channel. program highlights fundamentalists christian beliefs. joining us from dallas the senior pastor first baptist church there robert jeffers. begin at the beginning. adam and eve. did they literally live in the garden of eden and usurp the evolutionary process? >> oh, absolutely. they lived. they were actual human beings and jesus affirmed that bill in matthew 19. i think jesus knew what he was talking about.
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affirmation in matthew 19. jesus said? >> jesus said that god created man and female in the garden and he brought them together in marriage and so jesus was affirming the fact that there was one man and one woman. >> bill: he didn't name adam and eve. he just said -- and jesus did say that god created the universe. now, if you believe in adam and eve. there are a number of other things that you have to believe. incest is one of them. the race had to procreate off the children that adam and eve had. then -- >> -- sure. >> bill: you have to reject the science of revolution and carbon dating and all of those things. so it's kind of incompatible with science or am i wrong? >> no, i think you are wrong on this one, bill. you are usually absolutely right. the bible does not contradict true science. macon that district the passing fads of scientific theory that are always evolving. for example, it used to be thought that the does mows always existed. but then we had sir
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frederick coil who named the big bang theory who said guess what the universe had a beginning 13.7 billion years ago. again, frederick coil a cambridge mathematician said the chance of inanimate matter. >> bill: do you believe it started 13.7 billion years ago. >> i think it could have been. one of the things fundamentalists christians say the earth is 6,000 years old. the bible never makes that claim. >> bill: you are a smart guy and i want to it take it out of the theological realm. you know the evolutionary theory. my belief system is that there is a higher power. and then the evolution was the way he created the world. now, i was taught in my catholic school that a lot of the stories in the bible are allegorical. for example, there are -- in the old testament where you stone people, you have slaves, obviously jesus didn't want to stone anyone or have slaves. so all -- and jonah got swallowed by the whale for three days he built a condo
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in the whale's tummy? come on. there are stories that just like jesus spoke in parables because i'm researching my book killing jesus now, and he spoke in parables. all right? that lessons were put forth by these stories and that a lot of believers, such as myself don't take them literally. >> here's the problem with that bill. if you start labeling these stories as fictitious or fable, where do you stop? it's like peeling the layers of an onion, you end up with nothing. >> bill: reason, a whale swallowing jonah for three days, that doesn't happen. >> okay. let's go to the new testament. the virgin birth seems to defy reason. >> bill: there is a difference between the new and the old. a lot of people. >> why do you stop at the old testament? why would you as a believer and you are a believer. >> bill: i believe it it? >> why would you just say the old testament these stories are too fantastic to believe but i'm going to believe in a vir vin booth
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and resurrection. >> bill: it's certainly possible that the lord, the god who created the universe could have had jonah in the belly of the whale, it's possible, all right, if you are a believer at that level. but more pragmatically, it isn't possible that jesus embraced the stoning of people and the enslavement of people. and so -- >> -- no. >> therefore, when you start to look at the totality of all of the stories by the prophets, you see that you don't have to take them literally to get the theological message. >> but here's the problem with that bill. jesus treated them as actual stories. he, for example, linked his resurrection to the story of jonah. he said as jonah was in the fish for three days so shall the son of man be in the ground three days until god raises him up. >> bill: is he doing that to illustrate his point. >> let me give you one illustration. he linked a story to noah to a second coming.
1:38 am
he said as it was in the days of noah, so shall it be with the coming of the second coming to the son of man. now, think about this, if jesus believed the story of noah was if i can dishes, why we link to a future probability. >> bill: allegorical power to vividly show, all right? >> okay. >> bill: what it's going to be. >> that would be like saying as it was in the days of the easter bunny so shall it be when i come again. you don't link a future certain twi a past allegory. >> bill: can i be a good christian if i believe that the bible in some cases is allegorical? can i be? >> you can certainly be a christian and go to heaven. all you have to do is believe in christ as your savior. >> bill: that's what i thought. >> your faith is built on fact. >> i feel better now. >> good i always want you to feel better. >> bill: check out the pastor's new book "how can i know answers to life's seven most important
1:39 am
questions." when we come right back, it will be miller time. dennis rodman, alan colmes and the spending madness all in play this evening. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. lots of controversy. let's get to the same of southern california, who joins us from santa barbara. miller, you watched my shootout with colmes last night and you say? >> billy, actually, you know, to be truthful, i don't watch the colmes segment because i find it to be an on citizen that the con trainer. i think he is underinformed by obama groupy. he goes on and on, drones with the automatic talking points to the point where i sometimes think he makes parrots look like improv artists and on a weekly basis you see him inorder
1:42 am
inordinate palsi with him. >> i'm palzy wowzy. >> larger point something you talked about for some time on this program. we are not getting the truth, miller. we're not being told the truth about what's happening. >> bill, you are coming more to that now. listen, you are going to go through an awkward adjustment here. as you have always told me you think the president is a good man who is making decisions that you just don't -- you know, that he really believes this. you have told me. i said i think he has socialist leanings. you said no he doesn't. he accident believe in redistribution of property. there is a lot of things. you are coming to it now. you are he seeing things around -- hannity was there years ago. i was there a year ago. you are starting to see that this guy is either not as nice as you think or not as smart as you think. and that's a weird place to be. i do know this about the holmes thing and obviously i heard this topics today.
1:43 am
i don't think you can give the factually unarmed the moral high ground in a fire fight because is he going to use his dearth of a response to insinuate that it was your brusk manner, your loudness. >> bill: got everybody's attention. making one mistake in the sense that people who do analysis, based on ideology, can say whatever they want to say. he is a socialist. he is a muslim. he is -- plays for the san francisco 49ers. they can say whatever they want to say. all right? i have to i do my analysis based on fact. >> i do too, bill. i do too to be fair. that's my analysis. i'm not doing that. >> bill: i know. i know. what has changed in my presentation, what has changed, miller, is that this specific thing is so bad, so off the chart and so indefensible, this miss call mess and the way is he handling it that i have to go after him for the good of the nation.
1:44 am
>> fair enough, bill. that's your mission statement. i'm saying the moment he became the nominee and said he would, you know, take public funding and he didn't, i was at the liar thing right there. a long time ago. >> bill: you are more% perspicacious than i am miller and you tell me that all the time. >> listen, i don't think like i said i will leave it at i don't believe obamas is as nice as he is rumored to be or as smart as he is rumored to be. and everybody will come to that in their own time. >> bill: talking about smart and nice dennis rodman, hey, what can you say? >> well, listen, you know. i hate to say it but that wasn't very nice of rodman because i'm convinced that his visit to north korea is what killed chavez out of jealousy.
1:45 am
broke his heart. rodman is not the first guy to go over there. carter in 1994 got played like this. i don't like it when dennis says that we have 200,000 like in intermeant camps. the most we ever had was under the quintessential fdr we put 110,000 japanese americans in interment camps not anymore. fdr did do that i find it funny that stephanopoulos would embrace him. i remember when barack obama said he had to be adherent to his islam faith and stephanopoulos tackled him to correct him to the christian thing. let's face facts. dennis rodman has drank so much he can't get paid anymore even over here to sit next to julie newmar on the bat mobile. my theory is he should go back there dressed up in the wedding dress, marry the kid. become the first lady in north korea and refuse to put out unless the kid disarms, case solved, right there.
1:46 am
>> bill: that's a frightening scenario, miller. a lot of images floating around in my mind right now and they are all unsettling. >> i do believe there is a plalg there wanted palestinians. why do we send him over there and let rodman become the first lady of north korea. we can save the world. >> are you frightened now of all the cut backs the kids can't go to the white house now? >> no. listen, the moment they made biden first in line to succeed obama. they effectively made me unscacial. all right? the press is such lap dogs at this point. they ought to make caesar milan press secretary when they take the kid who is in there now back to the planet. on the same day we give morsi and those freaks in the muslim brotherhood $250 million, i get a call from a veteran's dad on my radio show telling me that they have cut back on his kid's television when he gets out of the service. we are giving egypt money.
1:47 am
can we start there? could we not give egypt money before we start cutting rungs off firemen's ladders? come on. >> bill: best line of the week, miller. caesar millan should be press secretary. dog whisperer, i'm nominating him. miller and i had a great time in los angeles last friday. we have back stage stuff posted on bill o' where you can get the dvd of the bolder fresher tour. check that out it's a lot of fun. in addition we have put on sale some premium tickets in denver, kansas city and west bury long island for mother's and father's day gifts. premium tickets means you meet miller and i and i promise he will brave when your folks show up. did you see that on deck, gun control and racial politics. hot topics moments away.
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>> bill: back of book segment tonight. did you see that? video called "never again" has been put out by conservative renewal, conservative think tank. ♪ not a word of that ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: here now to explain further juliet huddy. interesting ad, historically placed. >> very effective. the point of this ad, the group that you mentioned cure, the center for urban renewal is founded by a woman named star parker. african-american woman who is, she basically feels
1:52 am
that african-americans need to stop looking at government. they need to look at themselves. take self-responsibility, that type of thing. again, you mentioned conservative think tank. she basically feels that she wanted to put this video out. she wanted it to be disturbing. she wanted it to be controversial and wanted to remind people, specifically african-americans, remember what happened during the darkest days in this country. you weren't allowed to have -- we weren't allowed to have guns. blacks weren't allowed to own guns. do you want this to happen again? this is dramatic. >> bill: there is a division in the black community. there are urban blacks who see the destruction that guns cause, chicago and big cities like that. who say, you know, maybe we should ban them which doesn't work unfortunately. and then there are conservative blacks who say, look, if you don't have the right to carry a gun, your power level goes way down to defend yourself. i'm in that camp. >> there was a poll that came out 71% of african-americans said that if their representative said he or she was for stricter gun control supported more likely to vote. >> that's an urban thing.
1:53 am
it really is hunter college in new york city. you know it, right? >> yeah. >> so he are a bunch of pinheaded kids over at hunter. and they are mocking abortion. abortion, the procedure. roll the tape. >> [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> well, the video is titled 20th birthday at hunter college supposedly features several young men stuffing balloons under their shirts as if they are pregnant and attack each other plastic knives trying to pop each other's balloons. in the background people can be yelling things like kill that baby. nice, huh? isn't that nice? >> i really truly hope this is one of these situations where it was just a bunch of as you said pinheaded idiotic college guys that got a little out of control and weren't actually thinking this is funny. let me pretend like i'm giving somebody an abortion. >> bill: that's probably what it was. would you agree with me -- where did you go to college?
1:54 am
>> university of missouri. don't each start. >> bill: missouri is all right. the tigers and all of that would you agree with me that on college campuses the overwhelming sentiment is abortion is fine? there is no problem with it in america? >> i would say yeah. yeah. >> bill: that's what is disturbing here. they are degrading, you know, the destruction of a fetus by having this little high jinx, that's barbaric. if they are just stupid kids who don't know what they are doing because a lot of kids are in that category. i certainly was. >> i'm guessing they like the sound of the balloon popping and ha ha that's funny. students in the background there still studying. i just -- i feel like it went way too far. it's horrific. >> bill: give them the benefit of the doubt hunter college. give them the benefit of the doubt that they are just dopey. >> there you go. >> bill: juliet huddy, irving. >> why do you look at me when you say that? >> i didn't look at you. i'm looking at the teleprompter as we speak. right there. dopey kids. not huddy. in 60 seconds, an expanded
1:55 am
mail segment about the colmes shootout last night which frightened jument. we will be right back with that.
1:56 am
>> no tip. day because we have an expanded mail segment which begins right now. chuck, sacramento, california. bill, were you rude and belligerent with colmes, keep up the good work. from tennessee, you owe your audience an apology, admit it, you lost it. diane adams, potomac falls, virginia. your call is what is needed to wake people up. from melbourne, australia, god had forgive your outbursts at colmes, o'reilly. >> i certainly hope so. >> from australia, my late father said that good people can disagree without shouting at each other. for the record, colmes did not
1:57 am
shout, just me. from thailand, bill, it's about time you showed emotion over the spending mess instead of your usual humdrum delivery. humdrum? from new hampshire, bill you did what many of us did let out pentup frustration. >> from all den, michigan, if romney had shown half of that passion, he'd be president. >> dana from phoenix, arizona. mr. o'reilly, i believe you're a well-educated person although you didn't act like one on monday night. you do a disservice to your message when you come off as a hot-head. >> i can be a hot-head once in a while so i understand your point so i hope you understand mine. what's happening in our country right now is dangerous, dangerous. my job is to look out for you and every other american, even colmes. he was not willing toen gauge, what specific spending cuts
1:58 am
has the president proposed? again, a simple questions, when he claimed that mr. obama wants to cut medicare and entitlements without saying exactly how. i decided to let him have it because i wanted to get everyone as attention. i believe i accomplished that. rich gary, georgia, o'reilly remember the tip of the day advised us to say blue when you feel anger, you should have done that, you did no favors by losing your temper. >> from scottsdale, arizona, you were magnificent. the spin did stop even if alan's head is spinning. watching your interview with the harvard editor, you could have battered the boy and showed respect and invited him to rethink his position, nice show of class. and his comments showed me that you were right about harvard, i liked the kid, linda, he had the courage to face me, which is more than i can say for many politicians.
1:59 am
he got a taste of the big leagues and now we'll see if he incorporates the lesson into the harvard crimson newspaper. perhaps he should enroll in o'reilly university. from new york city loved "killing lincoln," what struck me the most was the fate of mary sarat, the only woman legally hanged in america, her own son sold her out. from new zealand, good news, the "killing lincoln" movie is being shown here sunday march 10th. i hope you enjoy it. i've got to get to new zealand, i've been to about 78 countries and never been to new zealand, the stop off in tahiti thing and down in wellington. and that's it for us tonight. sorry i bored you with my travels plans, check out


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